About us

ACTA Group is an established registered training organisation (RTO Code:45370) whose sole purpose is to help you seek employment and or attain a certified background in your required industry. We would like to invite you to experience our personalised and unique approach to safety & training.



We have many years’ experience in teaching, training and facilitating courses. We look forward to  helping you accomplish a career with the appropriate qualifications at the highest levels.

ACTA Group is a wholly owned and operated Australian company. Our dedicated highly skilled trainer will carefully guide you through each step of the training and assessing process. Our purpose as a company is to deliver a documented and improved training experience by ensuring that you achieve an advanced level of qualification to establish the level of certification you require through your employment.


We believe the key to an enjoyable and rewarding training experience is best achieved by ensuring that open and honest communication is maintained throughout all aspects of the training process, ensuring that you always meet compliance.

Delivering our clients a flexible and detailed service, we are able to manage all aspects of the training process to the highest standard available in the industry. This includes working with clients, initial concept and design of any training package which may need to be developed for in house training, through to current courses and advanced planning to help you attain your required qualifications. Our team of professionals will work closely with you each step of the way, ensuring that you achieve the highest qualification to achieve the success you require in your workplace to meet legislation and most importantly exceed your expectations.

ACTA Group is committed to provide a truly unique and rewarding training experience for our clients to guide you into a career within the industry you desire. We adopt creative design principles to transform your level of certification into the highest level available. Our dedicated team pride themselves on delivering training programs that will help you seek the career or qualifications you desire in the workplace.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide our clients intelligent training that will enable them to perform their skills to the highest industry standards in their workplace, safely and competently.


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