Fees Refunds

1. Fees, Charges and Refunds

ACTA Group undertakes to provide course services as outlined in the Course Fees Agreement.


1.1. Fees and Charges

Prior to enrolment, ACTA Group notifies clients of a range of fee information in a Course Fees Agreement. This fee information includes:

  • All fees payable to ACTA Group, clearly describing all costs involved with the course;
  • How and when fees must be paid;
  • How to request a refund;
  • The conditions under which a refund would be provided; and
  • The student’s rights as a consumer, including but not limited to any statutory cooling-off period, if one applies.


ACTA Group publishes all fees and charges. ACTA Group details its fees and charges including, but not limited to:

  • Compulsory fees;
  • Additional charges or co-contributions;
  • Application process for exemptions and concessions;
  • Methods of collection; and
  • Refund information.


Where a student is being enrolled under any loan or delayed payment arrangement, the terms of the arrangement are clearly stated, including:

  • Any debt that may be incurred;
  • When repayment is required;
  • Under what conditions; and
  • Any associated fees, indexation or interest.


This information forms part of the Course Fees Agreement. Information provided to clients is consistent with ACTA Group course services arrangements. ACTA Group ensures all fees and charges related to the provision of training services are outlined to all parties prior to enrolment. Information provided is clear, accurate and sufficient to enable an informed choice.


ACTA Group fees are designed to minimise the impact of fees and charges, through flexible payment plans, dependent on service type. ACTA Group is committed to cost efficiency for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applications, and will at all times seek to complete RPL applications at the same cost or lower than normal course delivery costs.


1.1.1. Course Tuition Fees

All fees are published and available on the ACTA Group website. Published fees information includes fee rates for each training product, including full fee for service, subsidised, concession and exemption fee rates for each course and relevant government jurisdiction.


ACTA Group charges students (and/or their employer or school) the mandatory or at least the minimum course tuition fee in accordance with the relevant specific jurisdictional training initiative requirements.


1.1.2. Student Support Services Fees

If any specific student support options available attract an additional cost, ACTA Group makes this clear in pre-enrolment information and as a part of the Course Fees Agreement. Similarly, if there are limitations to the support ACTA Group is able to provide to particular Student cohorts, these limitations are also made clear in inf