1.  Complaints

During course activities, students may have some concerns with the processes they are being exposed to or they may be unhappy with a particular aspect of the program. ACTA Group undertakes to provide a mechanism allowing allows for the fair and equitable resolution of any issues.


ACTA Group complaints process is available to manage and respond to allegations involving the conduct of:

  • ACTA Group, its trainers, assessors or other personnel; or
  • AN ACTA Group contracted third party providing services of ACTA Group, including the third party representatives trainers, assessors or other personnel; or
  • A student of ACTA Group.


Allowing students to easily engage with the personnel of ACTA Group about any concerns they have can stop minor issues becoming larger. There is no fee or charge levied for any complaint processed.

ACTA Group will maintain a student complainant’s enrolment during any appeal process.


ACTA Group’s complaints process is publicly available on the ACTA Group website, and is provided to all prospective clients via the relevant handbook for each stakeholder group prior to enrolment. Where ACTA Group uses third parties to deliver services, complaints information is also made available to prospective clients of these third party representatives.


ACTA Group’s complaints process follow the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness by allowing anyone subject to a decision by ACTA Group, or anyone who has allegations made against them, to tell their side of the story before a decision is made.


1.1. Complaint & Grievance Procedure

The following problem resolution framework has therefore been implemented for all stakeholders raising a complaint or issue, with a desire to resolve matters as positive adults. This procedure applies to all complaints about:

  • Academic matters from students;
  • Non-academic matters from students; and
  • Non-academic matters from persons seeking to enrol with the ACTA Group in a VET course or unit of study.

1. In the first instance a student should discuss the matter with the personnel member or responsible person con Where this is not considered appropriate then the complainant is encouraged to discuss the matter with ACTA Group management.

If the complainant is satisfied with the outcome of the discussion, it would mean that the matter is resolved.

2. Any client may submit a formal complaint to ACTA Group in writing. Complaints are to include the following information:

  • Submission date of complaint;
  • Name of complainant;
  • Nature of complaint;
  • Date of the event which lead to the complaint; and
  • Any other relevant information or attachments (if applicable).

ACTA Group Chief Executive Officer

Ash Humphries

07 5593 8268


3. The ACTA Group Chief Executive Officer will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within five working days and arrange a suitable time if needed to discuss the complaint.