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Welcome to our online platform providing easy to use online refreshers. Our courses are available 24/7 where you able to access and complete a course, in your own place, in your own time, to suit the industry standards you require, to remain current and skilled in your profession.


A Statement of Attainment for RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights or “RIIWHS202E Enter and Work in Confined Spaces” does not have an expiry date, although, industry standards recommend refreshing every two years.


A Statement of Attainment for “Standard 11 Generic Induction” (RIISS00034 – Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill Set (Release 2)) does not have an expiry date, although, industry standards require refreshing every five years.


RIIWHS202E Enter and Work in Confined Spaces – Online Refresher


This unit describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to enter and work in confined spaces in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

This unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles undertaking work in confined spaces.

Occupational health and safety is important in any field. However, for those who often travel into confined spaces, a lack of knowledge and awareness can be especially dangerous and, in some cases, deadly. Any type of work in a confined space itself could present high risks and hazards, but these risks are greatly amplified by the type of work often performed in these locations.

Prior to entering a confined space work environment everyone must be trained up to the standards set by the Australian Safe Work Standard 2865. The aim of RIIWHS202E is to reduce all risks and provide participants with all the skills needed to work safely in enclosed space. The training will also provide participants with the processes and knowledge needed to meet the standards.


RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights – Online Refresher


Many wrongly assume that working at heights means working on high, multi-storey buildings. However, such dangerous situations and resulting injuries can occur at heights as low as two metres. It is therefore imperative that a working at heights course is completed regardless of the height of the platform you are working on.

Guided by legislation, the aim of this course is to teach all issues related to working at heights, so that participants can be equipped with an understanding of all the requirements and procedures. This course will help participants comply and adhere to all workplace health and safety (WHS) procedures.

With its focus on risk assessment and safety, this course will allow participants to feel comfortable and confident to work at heights – and be able to react if any dangers were to occur.


Standard 11 Online Refresher


The Standard 11 Generic Induction (Surface) course provides training on the skills and knowledge required for working in surface coal mine, under the Queensland Government Mines Inspectorate’s Recognised Standard 11 (Qld Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999).

It is the responsibility of the Site Senior Executive at a mine to ensure that refresher training occurs.

The Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 (QLD), section 84, requires that each coal mine worker at the mine, including each worker holding a senior management or supervisory position and each worker holding a certificate of competency, is given refresher training under the mine training scheme at least once in every five years.