Standard 11 Courses

Our Standard 11 Courses

Standard 11 is an industry standard guideline needed for all those working in the coal mining industry in Queensland. The Standard 11 was introduced in Queensland in 2011. It is a revised and refreshed version of the Generic Induction course introduced a year earlier.

The course aim is to confirm that all employees working in mining environments are trained to the right standards to cope with all elements surrounding mining operations.

In addition, to raise awareness of the hazards that exists within the mining environment, preparing the workers for any that should occur. Those who undertake the course will obtain the knowledge and skills to comply with all health and safety obligations in the coal mining industry.


ACTA offers several courses recognised under Standard 11, one of which is the Standard 11 Surface Induction course. This course is relevant to both coal and metalliferous mines. ACTA’s Standard 11 course is delivered in great detail, exceeding most other state requirements for safety, making it perfect for those looking to qualify for work in these environments.

Operations health and safety is very important for all workplaces, but especially so in industries that carry the risk of serious potential hazards like the mining industry. For this reason, an online refresher course must be taken once every five years to retest competency and extend your qualifications to work in the Queensland mining industry. For your convenience, this refresher can also be taken with ACTA in an online course that will take less than a day to complete.

From these units, participants will learn the skills that will prepare them for the challenges of working in the Queensland mining industry, including:

  • How to safely operate the machinery;
  • How to respond to emergencies and hazards; and
  • Their role in assisting with any part of the mine safety management system.

The Surface Induction is an entry-level course and participants simply need to meet ACTA’s standard prerequisites to apply. However, to undertake the refresher course, participants must have completed an accredited Standard 11 course in the past. There are no other entry requirements.