G1, G8, G9 (Formerly S1,2,3) – Online Refresher

G1, G8, G9 (Formerly S1,2,3) – Online Refresher

Course Objective:

This course reflects the role of employees who are currently working in a supervisory role or an existing employee who is considering a move into a supervisory role within metalliferous mining, coal mining, drilling & mining exploration, civil construction, or LNG projects.

Course Times



30 Days to Complete


Online – nationwide 24/7

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This assessment is an online refresher course involving a series of quizzes with a set of questions. 

You will have 30 days from the date of your registration in the course to complete the refresher. 

On completion, you will be emailed further instruction detailing how to send us a copy of your original Statement of Attainment (dated after 2015) for verification purposes. We DO NOT accept wallet cards or Statements of Attainment dated prior to 2015.

Refreshers are recommended to be undertaken every 5 years.

  • Online – nationwide 24/7

Refresher training regimes are to be based around the individual’s role and responsibilities as defined by the sites safety and health management system.

  • RIIRIS301E – Apply risk management processes
  • RIIWHS301E – Conduct safety and health investigations
  • RIICOM301E – Communicate information

As a minimum, personnel need to be refreshed in their knowledge of:

  • applying planning and organising skills to the risk management processes
  • identifying or sourcing criteria to determine unacceptable risk
  • identifying and recognising type and scope of hazards and their impact
  • assessing and determining the consequence, likelihood and level of potential risk
  • identifying unacceptable risk using the acceptable/unacceptable criteria
  • assessing options for appropriate controls and implementing accordingly
  • identifying and obtaining required resources
  • preparing and maintaining written records and report requirements
  • reviewing risk management documentation
  • identifying and recommending controls
  • contributing to the implementation of controls.
  • In the course of the above work the candidate must also:
  • locate and apply relevant documentation, policies and procedures
  • apply relevant operational information
  • apply industry terminology
  • demonstrate the ability to engage with workers reporting to you, co-workers, and supervisors in the risk management processes
  • communicate clearly and concisely with others to receive and clarify work instructions and to coordinate work activities
  • meet written and verbal reporting requirements and procedures associated with risk management processes.


  • determining objective and authority of the investigation
  • creating an investigation plan
  • planning and organising activity to gather evidence and data, including but not limited to:
    • lists of witnesses
    • interviews
    • statements
    • audio recordings
    • photographs
    • scale diagrams of area
    • undertaking research to gather evidence and data
    • engaging others in the investigation process
    • questioning and actively listening to those involved in the investigation
    • correctly collecting and maintaining the integrity of evidence and procedural fairness
    • identifying and/or confirming the linkages between factors and outcomes, causes and effects and direct/indirect causal relationships
    • drawing conclusions and identifying appropriate course of action to resolve issue
    • communicating outcomes to relevant individuals and/or parties
    • writing clearly, concisely and effectively report investigation outcomes and presenting the outcomes to others.
  • In the course of the above work, the candidate must also:
    • locate and apply relevant legislation, documentation, policies and procedures.


  • locates and applies relevant documentation, policies and procedures
  • demonstrates completion of communicating information that safely, effectively and efficiently meets all of the required outcomes on more than one (1) occasion including:
    • applying technical literacy and communication skills sufficient to interpret and apply common Industry terminology, and interpret work procedures and processes
    • identifying barriers to communication and strategies to reduce barriers
    • speaking and communicating verbally with supervisors and other employees to provide information and confirm meaning
    • questioning and actively listening to others, for example when obtaining information on technical working practices
    • conducting/chairing and preparing including setting the agenda for one (1) meeting, reviewing previous minutes, determining action on agenda items, involving and engaging others in the communication throughout the meeting, assigning responsibilities for agenda items, preparing minutes of the meeting, following up on actions
    • participating in one (1) meeting including asking questions and providing responses
    • making one (1) formal presentation of meaningful information to others
    • writing one (1) negotiation strategy plan, participating in a negotiation meeting and documenting negotiation outcomes
Course Requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Have completed Year 10 in the Australian school system or equivalent; and
  • Have language, literacy and numeracy skills equivalent to ACSF Level 2.
  • Please note that wallet cards are an additional fee of $25.00

As a refresher, the individual who completed this course already holds a Statement of Attainment for G1,G8,G9. This does not have an expiry date, however industry standards recommend retraining every five years.

Refresher training is advised every five years due to changes in Australian Standards & Industry Standards. Changes in WHS legislation, Regulations and Codes of Practice are an important factor for individuals to ensure they remain current.


Next Steps:

Thank you again for your interest in this course program. Please contact ACTA Group’s Participant Support team on 1300 011 144 or info@actagroup.com.au to commence the application process!