Cert III Qualifications

There are many types of complex machinery involved in most civil plant operations. At ACTA, our professional instructors provide training to carry out these operations, using:

  • Construction excavators;
  • Rigid haul trucks;
  • Skid steer loaders;
  • Rollers; and
  • Water carts.

These courses will teach the correct operation of the relevant machinery in great detail, from the planning stage to operational techniques and the final post-operation clean-ups. This process includes all operational health and safety considerations, as well as other safety matters.

Upon completion, participants will receive a nationally recognised statement of attainment, demonstrating competency in operating the machinery and qualifying them to work and operate the machinery in civil plant operations.

For those looking to take a more in-depth extended course which covers civil plant operations in much greater detail, ACTA also offers the 3+ year long RII30815 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations. The certificate is perfect for those wishing to work in operational roles in civil plant operations.

The certificate covers all the short courses mentioned above, and students need to display competency in the operation of the machinery to receive the qualification. Moreover, Certificate III Civil Construction Plant Operations will also equip participants with the core skills to:

  • Plan and organise work;
  • Carry out measurements and calculations;
  • Identify, locate and protect underground services;
  • Read and interpret plans and specifications;
  • Carry out manual excavations;
  • Support plant operations;
  • Spread and compact materials manually;
  • Carry out basic levelling;
  • Communicate in the workplace;
  • Handle resources and infrastructure materials, safely disposing of non-toxic materials;
  • Use hand and power tools;
  • Operate a small plant and equipment;
  • Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures; and
  • Drain and dewater civil construction site.

Certificate III Civil Construction Plant Operations will combines practical and theoretical knowledge, providing a well-rounded qualification. It develops all the skillsets and work capabilities needed to complete a variety of tasks in the types of civil operations projects that are often arranged by local governments, state road authorities, and even civil contractors.