Civil Plant Courses

Operation of plant and machinery is one of the most important and crucial roles in civil plant and construction industry. The industry across Australia, demands skilled operators who can demonstrate a high standard and mentality towards safety and production. Therefore, ACTA offers a wide range of machinery courses relevant to civil plant and construction, including:
Skid Steer Loader/Bobcat
Wheeled Front End Loader
Articulated Haul Truck
Telescopic Material Handler
Four Wheeled Drive Vehicle; and
Light Vehicle

RII machine courses, teach the skills and knowledge needed for the operation of plant in civil construction environments. Our courses cover every step of the work operation, from the initial planning and preparation to operational techniques, and ultimately post-operation procedures.

Learning every step of an operation process will allow for the safe, proper, and efficient usage of the machines. This is especially vital for mining, an industry prone to hazards and accidents.

Knowing how to avoid them, put in place control measures, and how to respond to them can be the difference between a successful operation and a costly mistake. To better qualify participants for work, the courses also include site policies, system monitoring, and additional skills which provide extra benefits and expertise.

These courses vary in duration, as prior work experience will be considered. After the course is completed, participants will be awarded a nationally recognised statement of attainment and a card to prove proficiency. However, to further qualify participants for work in mining operations, these machinery courses can also be taken as part of the longer and more extensive RII30815 Cert III in Civil Construction Plant Operations, or RII30919 Cert III in Civil Construction

Each course is handled by our professional instructors and evaluation of the course is based on criteria set by the government.

To view the specific entry requirements and pre-requisites for each of the courses, please visit their corresponding pages.