Traffic Management Courses Overview

When it comes to construction operations – both civil and general – the control of traffic will be vital for successful completion. ACTA offers two traffic management courses that will be useful to all those on the construction sites, from site operators to road workers.

Those in other sectors related to resources and infrastructure will also be able to apply the skills learnt for their work sites.

The courses on offer at ACTA are:

  • RIIWHS302D Implement Traffic Management Plan; and
  • RIIWHS205D Control Traffic with Stop-Slow Bat.

Each course requires one day to complete and will be handled and evaluated by our professional trainers in an environment that simulates a real worksite. They will equip participants with the necessary qualifications, whether they will need to implement entire traffic management plans, or control traffic with stop/slow bat.

The content from this course is pulled from general criteria and covers everything from the initial planning stage to final removal of signage and the processing of records. To better equip and prepare the participants, the following are also included in the content covered by the courses:

  • The correct PPE;
  • Environmental protection requirements;
  • How to modify plans to meet changing environments; and
  • How to deal with personnel and drivers who fail to follow instructions.

Many other necessary skills are also covered, along with the knowledge required for particular sectors.

To learn more specific details about the content covered and the entry requirements for each individual course, please visit the course pages.